Sunday, January 10, 2010

Work Will Work When Wishing Won't

Okay, so I stole this title from the back of a t-shirt at the gym, but it's so true! Hard work is good for us. We hate it sometimes; but when you really think about it, it sort of feels good to work hard.

I sometimes sit around wishing I were in great shape, eating chocolate, and I end up feeling fat and disappointed, and convinced that wishes never come true. Other times I work out like a crazy woman, until my body is that great kind of sore that makes you feel your muscles and know they're there. Then I end up successful. The hard work works.

Sometimes my students wish they got better grades, and they get mad at me when their wishes don't come true. Other times they work hard and really show vast improvement, growth, and knowledge. Then they feel self-confident and know they have accomplished good things. The hard work works.

I'm not saying wishes don't come true, because I think wishing is an extremely important first step. You have to wish for everything you want--you'll never get ahead if you don't set your sights ahead. Sometimes wishes have to be followed up with hard work before they can come true, but they certainly can come true.

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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to comment on your American Liteature Blog, but I was having trouble finding the posting/comment button? I Think the novel Catcher in the Rye is a a great book for students to read it touches on emotions and issues people can face in life. I think if you used Blogging for this novel in your classroom you could post excerpts of the reading and follow that up with discussion questions. They could even journal on the excerpts that you pick for them to read.

    Breaking down the reading material might provide a different way for students to read the novel. If it is done in a blog then they can have the excerpt right there and then answer questions and possibly start a discussion with their peers.

    The possible problem you might encounter with this idea is being able to monitor and make sure students are understanding the reading material and effectively commenting on the material. I way to eliminate this possible problem would be to go through a few example runs so that students are comfortable with the blogging process and what the expectations are.



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