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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adolescents Deserve...

1. Adolescents deserve access to a wide
variety of reading material that they can
and want to read (p. 4).
2. Adolescents deserve instruction that builds
both the skill and desire to read increasingly
complex materials (p. 5).
3. Adolescents deserve assessment that shows
them their strengths as well as their needs
and that guides their teachers to design instruction
that will best help them grow
as readers (p.6).
4. Adolescents deserve expert teachers who
model and provide explicit instruction in
reading comprehension and study strategies
across the curriculum (p.7).
5. Adolescents deserve reading specialists
who assist individual students having difficulty
learning how to read (p.7).
6. Adolescents deserve teachers who understand
the complexities of individual adolescent
readers, respect their differences, and
respond to their characteristics (p.8).
7. Adolescents deserve homes, communities,
and a nation that will support their efforts to
achieve advanced levels of literacy and provide
the support necessary for them to
succeed (p.9). 
Moore, D. W., Bean, T. W., Birdyshaw, D., & Rycik, J. A. (1999). Adolescent literacy: A position statement for the Commission on Adolescent Literacy of the International Reading Association. Retrieved September 24, 2004, from

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